Minutes of Meeting for Alumni meet  


Prologue/ Foreword: The year 2007 has been the most eventful year for Alumni of National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (NITH). NITH was born in year 1986 with name of REC Hamirpur and had only one each batch of Electrical and Civil branch. Total strength of then RECH was a mere 60 no. of ‘novice sixteen year old’ students. The first product of this alma mater emerged in the Spring of year 1990. Here, at this point of time, the saga of NITH alumni starts to unfold. After passage of 17 years, the first alumni meet happened in Hamirpur, H.P., India in May 2007. It was followed by a Alumni meet of Simla Chapter and Delhi Chapter. The milestones achieved by Alumni Association in the year 2007 reached a befitting climax with the overseas Alumni meet in US under the Chapter of Bay Area on December 1’ 2007.


Venue: On December 1 ’07 first meeting of US alumni-Bay Area Chapter was held in Grand Indian Buffet Restaurant, City-Sunnyvale, State- California, USA.



Participants: It was attended by Twenty no . of alumni. Spouse of alumni added colour and glitter whereas bundle-of-joy kids (read his highnesses and her highnesses) added cheer, mild chaos and diversion Following are the names of those who attended:


  1.         Sheetal Chopra (1990 Batch)

  2.         Meenakshi Bagga ( 1990 Batch)

  3.         Neeraj Ahuja (1992 Batch)

  4.         Vinti Verma (1993 Batch)

  5.          Rajeev Bharol (1993 Batch)

  6.          Rajesh Sharma (1994 Batch)

  7.          Vinod Kumar (1994 Batch)

  8.          Deepak Jain (1994 Batch)

  9.          Vikram Mehta (1994 Batch)

  10.          Kanika Vohra(1995 Batch)

  11.          Yogesh Kumar (1995 Batch)

  12.           Rajib Arjun (1995 Batch)

  13.           Monika Jain (1995 Batch)

  14.           Rekha Thakur (1996 Batch)

  15.           Manish Belsare (1996 Batch)

  16.           Jagdish Chand (1996 Batch)

  17.           Vinay Sharma (1997 Batch)

  18.           Sushma Malik (1997 Batch)

  19.           Sunil K Sharma (1998 Batch)

  20.           Sudhish Nair (2002 Batch)


Everyone started pouring in at 1100 Hrs. Registration activity was done at the entrance gate of the big hall. As a result of pre-meditated anticipation of keeping our young kids engrossed in something magical, a real magician had been engaged. The fairy like lady-magician did great job of keeping them busy with her tricks, distribution of magic wands and toys made out of balloons. Parallely, the meeting kick started with Ms. Kanika Vohra’s welcome address to all brave souls who felt drawn to meet the guys and gals from their Engg. College. Followed by, welcome address ‘remotely’ by Ashish Kukrety (famous as Kukkad 1991 pass out batch). He wished all those present, a great time ahead via long distance call put on speaker phone plus mike. He expressed his loss at not being able to make it to the meet. Though he had put in all his energies to make it a mega event of sorts by keeping people together through emails and telephone calls. Touche! Next came the remote welcome and hello from Manpreet Singh (1994 Batch) from Canada who could not be there physically. He participated through his telecall and conveyed his commitment to the cause of Alumni meet. Self-Introduction by alumni from 1990’s batch (pioneer batch) followed by others, brought out memories of college campus, hills and a plethora of emotions.


DISCUSSION ON AGENDA POINTS: The message from illustrious Director (NITH), Prof. I.K.Bhat was read out loud and applauded. The message from Prof. Anoop Kumar followed. It brought out complete ethos of a proud teacher feeling elated at his pupil achieving laurels and serving the society in highest capacity. He wished the Alumni group (in his own words) ‘great rejoicing and bonhomie during the meet’. Further, it was debated as to how to contribute through Alumni Forum. Following needs were felt:

1. Enhance the effectiveness of the Alumni Association
2. Increase the alumni connectivity/affinity and sense of pride
3. Build the perception of the philanthropic worthiness to make contribution to our alma mater

4. Creation of Career Mentor Program to help in placement of NITH products to enhance brand image of college.

Many strategies and tactics associated with them will enable the Alumni Association to become a force in helping interested alumni find various ways to serve. Second, the Alumni Association needs help—you will hear of ways to volunteer. Third, we need you to reconnect to the College. Homecoming always provides a great opportunity. To help us reach out to alumni, the College invested significantly in the area of alumni relations this year.


Following Objectives/ Activities were defined in line with guidelines of NITH Alumni Core Group formed in Hamirpur for Alumni Local Chapter - US Bay Area:




1.    To create a dynamic link between the Institute and Alumni at a given city/region.

2.    To forge a bond amongst the Alumni at a given city/region.

3.    To help the Institute in building NITH brand.

4.    Support from Alumni in providing better wholesome education to students.

5.    To enrich NITH with their experience in Professional career with regard to development of curriculum etc.

Activities of Local Chapter

1.    To generate a detail list of Alumni working in the city/region, and help NITH in updating common list.

2.    To organize regular get together.

3.    To recognize achievements of alumni or their family members.

4.    To maintain regular contact with NITH and other local chapters. The information/news from NITH shall be sent to the Secretary/Convener of the local chapter for further transmission to members of local chapters.

5.    To organize welcome/to new members and farewell to members leaving the cities.

6.    To act as a support network to members.

7.    To bring out newsletter of local chapter and to contribute to main Alumni Newsletter.

8.    To collect funds for running the activities of the local chapter. The funds may be raised in the form of annual subscription and/or special contributions for specific purpose.

9.    There should be an annual General Body meet of local chapter in which new body should be elected and financial expenditure should be approved.

Proposed Charter of Activities Alumni US- Bay Area : The chapter is to be formally incorporated in the state of California as a social, non-profit organization in December 2007 with the name 'NITH

Alumni Association - US Bay Area Chapter'.

Frequency of Alumni Meet: This chapter can organize following two signature events - a family get-together on Holi every year and annual Alumni meet on the first Saturday of Decmeber every year. Secondly, a family dinner and ‘NITH Alumni Achiever Award’ towards recognition of achievements in real world scenario in various fields viz. entrepreneurship, research, academics or industry leadership. Also talks by expert, seminar on emerging trends in Global existence, panel discussions and networking events.


 Formation of Executive Body: Following office bearers volunteered from amongst those present :



Name, Batch & contact address


Neeraj  Ahuja (1992) neeraja@bsil.com  4082158385

Vice President

Rajesh Sharma (1994) rajeshsharma_del@hotmail.com 9253005458

General Secretary

Kanika Vohra (1995), kanika.vohra@gmail.com 408.910.9018

Joint secretary

Sheetal Chopra (1990) em: sheetal.chopra69@gmail.com, 510 355 5787

Finance Secretary

Deepak Jain (1994), jaindeepu@yahoo.com em: Mo: 6502088790

Executive Member

Manish Belsare (1996) manish_belsare@yahoo.com

Executive Member

Vinti Verma (1993) Mo:  vintiverma@yahoo.com 5103789604 

Executive Member

Vikram Mehta (1994)  vmehta@bearingpoint.net4083866386

Executive Member

Rajeev Barol (1993) rajeev_bharol@yahoo.com 510565 8260

Executive Member

Rajib Arjun (1995) rajib_arjun@hotmail.com

Executive Member

Meenakshi Bagga (1990) m_bagga@hotmail.com 703568 9172


Entertainment: Sheetal Chopra from first batch (1990) rendered her voice to a ghazal from Jagjit Singh Album which was dedicated to the old, golden times in Engg. college - ‘Yeh Daulat bhi le log, yeh shohrat bhi le lo, bhale chin lo mujhse meri jawani’ The performance was applauded by all present for its indigenization of sur-taal to pop like style.

Second performance was given by Monica Jain (1995 Batch) who sang bollywood song - ‘Dil hai chota sa choti si asha. Masti bhare sapne…’ She added Tamil words and copied the male leads lines nicely thus keeping everyone glued by her talented performance.

Then came Seema Sharma (spouse of Rajesh Sharma) who sang- ‘ Sama bhi hai jawan jawan, suna raha hai…’ from Bollywood Movie Nikah. She gave a melodious performance to the delight of the captive audience.

Now the turn came to Sachcha kalakar Rajiv Bharol, who sang a song dedicated to environment and local weather (of course he didn’t say it in as many words, though it could be interpreted) ‘Aaj mausam bada baemaan hai…’, which is actually so in Bay Area. We all did enjoy his performance. Then on public demand he sang a Pahari Song ’Kunjua’ Everyone joined him in singing. The time stood still when everyone was transformed to the earlier youthful days of learning and belonging to caucus in their respective batches.


Next came the surprise ‘ TAP DANCE’ performance by none other than Meenakshi Bagga (1990 batch). It was a high energy, fast speed and beautifully well co-ordinated to special tap dance music. This had each and everyone spell bound and excited. Also the nature of this art did make the entire event a good amalgam of Indian traditional art and international art. A break followed on agenda for savoring Lunch delicacies. The second round of meet started post lunch with some Bingo (Tambola) to shoo away the siesta hour laziness. Rajesh Sharma regaled and tickled all with his witty remarks. Not to forget, the interesting gifts arranged by him for Bingo lucky winners. Meenakshi and Sheetal added more hues to the entertainment with their extempore Bhangra on Daler Mehendi song – ‘Ho Jayegi Balle Balle’. All the details about whodunnit will not be complete, unless it is mentioned that Meenakshi Bagga donned the hat of ‘Tap Dance Teacher’ and made everyone try to follow her movements and feel reinvigorated. Meenakshi- your charm is abundant and all-encompassing. Let us confirm that one person like you is enough for us to chill it out and as Kukkad would put it ‘Letusssss parrrrty‘. With this the four hour extravaganza came to an end yet it concurrently marked a new beginning for NITH Alumni overseas chapter.


Vote of Thanks: Oodles of thanks go to the made in RECH couple Rajib and Kanika (both from 1995 batch). They put the coal in the engine, lit the fire and drove it too. Thanks go to Mr. Anoop , Dr. Pardeep (Alumni Association President) and Director, Prof. I.K.Bhat of NITH who were present with us in spirit through their messages , guidelines and wishes. Thanks to all the participating Alumni and their better half’s (or worse half’s in some cases) for making it happen and gathering under one roof for a noble cause. Bucketful of thanks go to one and only Kukkad (Ashish Kukrety), who played his role of ‘elected member to start an overseas chapter‘, to a tee. Like Meenakshi Bagga, he is another person for whom we can proudly say that one is enough for us to rock and have a party.


Coincidentally: There was one alumni Mr. Sudhish Nair (2002 batch), who was unaware of the Alumni meet yet he participated by chance. What happened is, as he was just passing by, outside the location of this event, he read NITH on displayed banner. He walked in to find out what was this all about. His curiosity and sudden arrival, added mystical colour to the first US Chapter Alumni meet. This coincidence drives home the fact that NITH brand is hot and happening anytime, anywhere!!!


Let’s keep NITH flag flying high.