Computer Science and Engineering

Located in Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh, NIT Hamirpur enjoys a really scenic environment and pleasant weather. Established in the year 1986, as REC Hamirpur, NIT Hamirpur has been declared as the Institute of National Importance under the Act of Parliament, 2007. Established in 1989 as the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, we have an excellent & rich history and an outstanding record of contributions to the profession and community. The Department is well recognized for excellence in facilities and teaching.

At Present, the Department offers following academic programmes:

  • B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering (Four Years)
  • Dual Degree in Computer Science & Engineering [B.Tech. + M.Tech.] (Five Years)
  • M.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering (Two Years)
  • M.Tech. in Mobile Computing (Two Years)
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering

The aim of these programmes is to enable students to acquire specialized knowledge for various subjects in computer science & information technology, as well as to enrich the students personal, social and cognitive development to meet challenges of today and tomorrow. The Department is well equipped with high end computers, latest software & state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and all these computing resources are inter-connected with high speed intranet. Our students are exposed to up-to-date curriculum, technology and techniques. The Department has well experienced & dedicated faculty members with different specializations. Our curriculum is modified, enhanced and updated regularly as we introduce new courses to reflect current topics in this fast-changing discipline. Our faculty is involved in cutting-edge research areas, including computer networks, mobile computing, mobile ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, security, image processing, data mining, artificial intelligence, computer architecture and reconfigurable computing. The Department prides itself on good career opportunities for students. Our students graduate with more than 100% placement through campus. Many companies of repute show their interest to visit our Institute for campus recruitment.

Our Vision

To provide excellent technical education in computer science and engineering and produce competent engineers and professionals with high ethical values prepared for life long learning.

Our Mission

To impart quality and value based education in computer science and engineering to solve real world problems with an inclination towards societal issues and research.
To prepare student for professional career with continuous learning.


Sl.No Name Area(s) of Interests Email View Profile
1 Prof. Lalit Kumar Awasthi Computer Architecture, Fault Tolerant, Parallel and Distributed Processing, Check Pointing, Mobile Computing, Ad hoc          

Associate Professor

Sl.No Name Area(s) of Interests Email View Profile
1 Dr. Divakar Yadav Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Soft-Computing          
2 Dr. Narottam Chand Computer Science & Engineering          
3 Dr. Naveen Chauhan Mobile Wireless Networks, Vehicular Ad hoc Netwroks, Internet of Things          
4 Dr. Siddhartha Chauhan Computer Science and Engineering          
5 Dr. T P Sharma Distributed systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, MANETs & VANETs          
6 Dr.(Mrs.) Kamlesh Dutta Computer Science & Engineering          

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Sl.No Name Area(s) of Interests Email View Profile
1 Dr. Pardeep Singh Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence          
2 Dr. Vijay Kumar Computer Science & Engineering          

Assistant Professor Grade-II

Sl.No Name Area(s) of Interests Email View Profile
1 Dr. Arun Kumar Yadav Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Database Indexing          
2 Dr. Basant Subba Intrusion Detection Systems, Network Security, Machine Learning, Game Theory          
3 Dr. Dharmendra Prasad Mahato Distributed Computing          
4 Dr. Jatoth Chandrashekhar Cloud/Fog Computing, Energy Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence Techniques          
5 Dr. Jyoti Srivastava Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence          
6 Dr. Lokesh Chouhan Computer Networks, Information Security, Internet of Things.          
7 Dr. Mohit Kumar Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, Speech Processing          
8 Dr. Nagendra Pratap Singh Medical Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition          
9 Dr. Prakash Choudhary Information Retrieval, Automatic Image Annotation, Medical Imaging, Biometrics, Multilingual Text Recognition in Indian Scripts, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition          
10 Dr. Priyanka Adhoc Networks, Wirelss Sensor Networks, Vehicular Networks, Internet of Things          
11 Dr. Sangeeta Sharma Cloud Computing, Virtualization          
12 Er.Rajeev Kumar Discrete Structure, Computer Networks, Wireless Networks          
13 Nitin Gupta Cognitive Radio Networks, Wireless Networks          
Office Staff
Sl. No. Name Designation Phone No. Email
1 Sh. Sanjeev Mehta Asst. SG I 254401
2 Sh. Chain Singh Attendant 254401 -
Technical Staff
1 Sh. Sanjeev Kumar Technical Assistant 254407 -
2 Sh. Jiwan Kumar Senior Technician 254405 -

List of Laboratories

Sl. No.Laboratory Name
1 Objected Oriented Paradigm Lab
2 Microprocessor and Interfacing Lab
3 Data Structure Lab
4Operating System Lab
5 Computer Organization and Architecture Lab
6 Data Base Management System Lab
7Compiler Design Lab
8Computer Graphic Lab
9 Digital Image Processing Lab
10 Computer Network Lab
11 Artifical Intelligence and Robotics Lab

Dr. Teek Parval Sharma

Head of Department
Computer Science & Engineering
National Institute of Technology Hamirpur
Himachal Pradesh, Pin No. 177005, India.
Phone No. : +91-1972 -254426
Email :