Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Centre for Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE) is established in 2008. The main focus of the teaching and research in the department is centered on interdisciplinary area to achieve worldwide attention and appreciation. Important mission of the department is to generate human resource of excellent quality, including Chemists, Physicist, and Engineers with high professional competence in interdisciplinary research area encompassing of biology, chemistry physics, nanomaterials and material science at international competence level for the need of nation. This centre started its first batch PhD degrees from Jan 2010 and M.Tech. from June 2010. At present, CMSE have several advanced research facilities including synthesis and characterization techniques. CMSE features six faculty members with expertise in frontier areas of research.

Active research areas:

  • Functional Oxide materials, High temperature superconductors, Colossal Magneto-resistance materials Spintronics, Ferrites, Ferroelectrics and multiferroelectric materials
  • Metal/ceramic particulate polymer composite materials, dielectric/electrical properties of materials, composite materials, ceramic processing and characterization, powder metallurgy, physical metallurgy
  • Nanodrug delivery systems, microencapsulation, biomineralisation, biomimetics, self assembly processes
  • Nanophosphors, Ion beam induced modifications in materials, Optical Materials, X-ray absorption spectroscopy
  • Semiconductor Defect Engineering, Plasma Nanoscience, Metal-Organic Frameworks
  • Magnetism at Nanoscale, Electrodeposition

The faculty members have contributed towards the publication of more than 200 research papers in international journals, and, 1 Japanese patent and 9 books.


Department of Materials Science and Engineering was established in 2008. The centre recruited its permanent faculty (one professor and two assistant professors) in 2009 and the activities of the centre were started from September, 2009. The Centre was established to provide centralized facilities to characterize materials and develop interdisciplinary research and education program in materials science and engineering. Till date the centre has many facilities such as x-ray diffraction, Field-emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM), UV-visible absorption spectroscopy, Fourier Transform Infra-red (FTIR) spectroscopy, Scanning probe microscopy (which includes AFM, MFM, STM and EFM), Micro-Raman & photo luminescence spectroscopy, Electrical transport (resistivity, I-V) measurements systems. Centre have also developed laboratories for materials synthesization such as ceramic materials synthesization laboratory, Nano-materials synthesization laboratory, Polymer-composite laboratory, Pulse laser deposition (PLD) for thin films and multilayer depositions. Center has started M.Tech. (Materials Science) and Ph.D. program in the year 2010 and a B. Tech. programme in Materials Science and Engineering in 2017.


  • To provide quality education and exposure in the field of Materials Science and engineering.
  • To generate trained human resources for research and teaching
  • To conduct research relevant to the needs of community and industry
  • To contribute to sustainable development of the nation
  • To provide state of art materials science and engineering related research facilities to other departments of NIT, Hamirpur and other educational institutions.


Department of Materials Science and Engineering has identified the following goals:
  • To recruit adequate, qualified faculty and supporting staff.
  • To provide state-of-art training to the faculty in the area of Materials Science
  • To establish new facilities/laboratories (Computational Materials Science laboratory, Mechanical Characterization of materials laboratory, Transmission Electron Microscopy(TEM), Heat treatment and metallography laboratory etc.) and upgrade the existing facilities.
  • To reorient and strengthening of the existing B.Tech, M.Tech & Ph. D programs and start new programs in emerging areas as per requirement.
  • To accelerate research and development activities
  • To organize workshop/conferences regularly
  • To establish close linkage with institutions of repute and professional bodies

Implementation Strategy

To achieve identified goals by the centre, following strategies have been worked out. It will be modified from time to time in order to check the gaps in the implementation by considering the progress in research and development needs for new phenomenon, materials and services. The corrective steps/directions will be followed over the subsequent years.

  • The Centre has started B.Tech. Materials Science and Engineering in the centre. This will generate trained human resources, which will be very useful for research development in industry, in government research laboratories (CSIR, DST, DAE, DRDO laboratories) where new strategic and functional materials were being developed for nation.
  • To upgrade the knowledge of the faculty of engineering and academic institutes, Centre will organize at least one workshop and one national conference on advances in materials science and technology every year.
  • One International Conference in the area of advanced materials after every two years will be planned. In this event the faculty and research students will be updated with the advance in the subject internationally and also interact with the experts from abroad.
  • As mentioned in the goals, the new laboratories will be setup and the existing laboratories and facilities will be upgraded from time to time.
Sl.NoNameArea(s) of InterestsEmailProfile
1Prof. Ravi KumarMaterial Science and
Associate Professor
Sl.NoNameArea(s) of InterestsEmailProfile
1Dr. Vishal SinghMaterial Science and
Assistant Professor Grade-II
Sl.NoNameArea(s) of InterestsEmailProfile
1Dr. Rita MauryaPhysical Metallurgy, Surface Engineering ( Coating deposition, corrosion studies and tribology), Composites ( Metal and Polymer matrix), Friction Stir Process (FSP)
2Dr. Nitesh KumarBiomaterials for drug delivery, Synthesis and processing of metal-polymer nanocomposites, Nanostructures for energy
3Dr. Raj Bahadur SinghPhysical
Office Staff
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1 Sh. Parvesh Kumar Private Secretary 254380
2 Sh. Bhupinder Singh Office Attendant SG-I 254380



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