Student Discipline Board

In order that every student enjoys and contributes in creating and maintaining a congenial environment on the campus, students are expected to be aware of their responsibilities, behave in an orderly manner on all occasions, maintain discipline and obey such instructions as are notified from time to time. As adults, students are expected to have a fair sense of legal and illegal acts and conduct themselves in such a manner that shows respect to the rights of other persons inside the campus. Their conduct, both inside and outside the campus, should be befitting of a National Institute of repute. The defaulters will be dealt with strictness. Students will be subjected to disciplinary warning (verbal or written)/disciplinary probation or expulsion from the hostel/Institute for a term basis or forever depending upon the severity of case. For major punishment such as expulsion/rustication from the Institute, making an adverse entry on the Character Certificate to be issued by the Institute and debarring a student from admission to any course offered by the Institute etc. decision will be taken by the Director on the recommendation of Students Discipline Committee of the Institute chaired by Dean of Student Welfare

  Designation Responsibility
Dean ( Student Welfare)
Associate Dean ( Student Discipline & Counselling)
Chief Warden (Hostels)
Faculty Incharge (Training & Placements)
HoD (Concerned Student Deptt.)
Faculty Incharge (Discipline)
Member Convener
All AFIs (Discipline)