Student Counselling Board

Student Counseling Facility has been established to help the students in solving their specific problems related to academics, personal, psychological etc. so that they are able to achieve academic excellence, develop an integrated personality during their stay on the campus.The Student Counseling Board of NIT Hamirpur will work under three tiers: Internal Committee, External Committee and Student Committee. First Tier: Internal Counseling Committee.

Sl. No. Designation Responsibility
Dean ( Student Welfare) Chairperson
Associate Dean ( Student Discipline & Counselling) Member
Chief Warden (Hostels) Member
Faculty Incharge (Training & Placement) Member
Departmental Counsllor ( Concerned with Students Department/Centre) Member(s)
Faculty Incharge (Counselling) Member Convener
All AFIs (Counselling) Member(s)

Departmental Counsellor at Sl. No 5

Sl. No. Name of Department Departmental Counsellor
Department of Civil Engineering (i) Dr. Sanku Konai
(ii) Dr Arpita Saha
Department of Mechanical Engineering (i) Dr. Dilshad Ahmad Khan
(ii) Dr Parnika Shrivasta
Department of Chemical Engineering (i) Dr. Rahul Saha
(ii) Dr. Smita Mondal
Department of Electrical Engineering (i) Dr. Ram Niwas Mahia
(ii) Dr. Himesh Handa
Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering (i) Dr. Sandeep Kumar Singh
(ii) Dr. Sankalita Viswas
Department of Computer Science & Engineering (i) Dr. Jyoti Srivastava
(ii) Dr. Nagendra Pratap Singh
Department of Material Science & Engineering (i) Dr. Raj Bahadur Singh
(ii) Dr. Nitesh Kumar
Department of Physics and Photonics Science (i) Dr. Vimal Sharma
(ii) Dr. Rajesh Sharma
Department of Chemsitry (i) Dr. Kalyan Sunder Ghosh
Department of Mathematics & Scientific Computing (i) Dr. Rifaqat Ali
(ii) Dr. Subit Kumar Jain
Department of Managements (i) Dr. Neeraj Dhiman
(ii) Dr. Shampy Kamboj
Department of Humanities & Social Science (i) Dr. Manoj Kumar Yadav
Department of Architecture (i) Dr. Punit Sharma
(ii) Ar. Neetu Kapoor