Cultural Activities and Clubs Introduction

With ever changing trends and paradigm shifts in the field of academics, students are continuously looking for new avenues to evolve themselves. Cultural activities and various student clubs are a few options that act as a catalyst in developing technical, managerial, conceptual skills amongst students. Moreover, these activities allow the students to integrate into the institute community especially with the faculties and build a network of mentor and friends. Such involvement enables the students to see the world through wider lenses and understand how to lead the group or get the work done through others. NIT Hamirpur provides a number of such platforms in the forms of clubs to its students to select a club as per his/her likes and channelize their energies in translating their ideas into reality. Some of the key clubs offered by NIT Hamirpur are listed below:

1. Organisation Club
2. Music Club
3. PR Club
4. Dance Club
5. Fine Art Club
6. Discipline Club
7. Technical Club
8. INS & Control Club
9. English Club
10. Decoration Club
11. Hindi Club
12. Informal Club
13. Pixonoids
14. Web Team
15. Dramatics Club
16. SPIC MACAY NIT Hamirpur Student Chapter

The above clubs have been formed with the following objectives:

1. To make the students to participate in the development of the institute and develop their career, personality and organizational skills through interactive programs with the faculty, administration and society.

2. To provide opportunities to NIT Hamirpur students to be involved in culturally enriching activities.

3. To offer a platform to those talented NIT Hamirpur students to extend themselves and grow in their area of hobbies.

4. To expand horizon and inculcate the habit of thinking out of box amongst students with respect to designing their cultural activities.