Insurance & Mediclaims

The Institute provides insurance cover through Personal Accident Insurance [Group (Unnamed)] Policy under student safety scheme to all of its students every year. The salient features of this Policy coverage per Student are as Under:

Sl. No. Particulars Coverage Amount
1 Personal accident cover per student for sum assured. Rs. 2,00,000/-
2 Medical expenses per student per annum (Accidental Hospitalization only) Rs. 50,000/-
3 Personal accident death only cover to one of the parents who is responsible to pay tuition fees + other charges of Institute as per records. Rs. 1,00,000/- per annum for 03 years.

Claim under above Policy shall be entertained through Institute only. Hence, all necessary formalities are to be done through Institute only. Institute shall lodge claim on behalf of the student with the Insurance Company. Payment of claim shall also be made through Institute only.