As per the schedule ‘C’ of NIT statutes the role and responsibilities of the Dean (Faculty Welfare) is to advice the Director in matters related to:  

  1. Deputation of faculty to various institutions under Quality Improvement Programme.
  2. Advice the Director for deputation of the faculty members to various conferences, seminars, short-term courses, training programmes, foreign teaching/training assignments etc.
  3. Chair the committee meetings of the evaluation of papers submitted or to be submitted to the conferences / seminar by the faculty members.
  4. Assist the Director in organizing training programmes for faculty.
  5. Assist the Director in the supervision of the construction and the maintenance work of buildings, roads, water supply, sanitation, lawns and gardens, communication networks, water coolers, air conditioners, telephones, etc.
  6. Assist the Director in maintaining the discipline and work ethos among the various departments and between the faculty members.
  7. Assist the Director in maintaining the high academic standards and achieving academic excellence in the institution.
  8. Supervision over faculty discipline, integrity and commitment.