Office of the Training and Placement

Please accept best Greetings from NIT Hamirpur!

We take this proud opportunity to invite your esteemed organization to participate in our campus placement process for the session 2020-21. National Institute of Technology Hamirpur is the Technological Hub of our Green and Clean Himachal Pradesh and it offers peaceful and serene environment for the academic growth. Over a period of time, the Institute has made its place amongst the leading technical institutions of the country. Institute offers Ph. D., M.Tech/M.Arch., MBA, B.Arch and accredited B.Tech programs in Civil, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Computer Science & Engineering and Chemical Engineering, It also offers Dual Degree programs in Computer Science & Engineering and Electronics & Communication Engineering that justify our reputation as a centre of higher learning. Excellent infrastructure, congenial teaching learning ambience, committed faculty, significant contribution to research work and commitment to the community are our hallmark.
We are highly grateful that you aim to get associate with NIT Hamirpur for recruiting our students. We hope that this association of our Institute with your reputed Organization will go long way towards the growth of industry, academia and Nation itself.

With Warm regards,
Office of the Training and Placement
NIT Hamirpur
01972-254591, 254590

Faculty Functionaries
Sl. No.NameResponsibilityPhone No.Email
1Dr. Bharat Bhushan SharmaFaculty Incharge
(Training & Placement)
254590 (Office)
2Dr. Amit KaulFaculty Incharge
3Dr. Mohd. AdilFaculty Incharge
4Dr. Rakesh SharmaAssistant Faculty Incharge
(Training & Placement)
Ministerial Staff
1Sh. Kumar SaurabhAssistant Registrar254591-
2Sh. Hari SinghAttendant254591-

Student Training and Placements Coordinators/Representatives 2019-20

Sl. No.NameTeamDepartment
Ashutosh dubeyIndustry InteractionComputer Science and Engineering
Vrinda GuptaIndustrial Interaction & Recruitment DriveComputer Science and Engineering
Anvesh AnandTechnical InnovationComputer Science and Engineering
Ashutosh SharmaTechnical InnovationComputer Science and Engineering
Divyanshu SharmaIndustrial InteractionComputer Science and Engineering
Nishita KaushalIndustrial InteractionComputer Science and Engineering
Rajan VermaTechnical InnovationElectronics and Communication
Mohit SipaniRecruitment DriveElectronics and Communication
Akshay SinghRecruitment Drive & Industrial InteractionElectronics and Communication
Bhavarth VermaIndustrial InteractionElectronics and Communication
PrikshitRecruitment DriveElectronics and Communication
Rajat Singh KatochTechnical innovationElectronics and Communication
Sarthak JainIndustrial InteractionElectronics and Communication
Anoop sharmaRecruitment driveElectrical & Electronics Engineering
Abhishek RanjanTechnical InnovationElectrical Engineering
Ravishta kaundalIndustry InteractionElectrical Engineering
Arpan vishnoiTechnical InnovationMechanical Engineering
Aryan MahajanRecruitment DriveMechanical Engineering
Sidharth RanaIndustry InteractionMechanical Engineering
Abhinav MishraIndustry InteractionMechanical Engineering
SurbhiRecruitment DriveMechanical Engineering
Siddhant SinghIndustry InteractionMechanical Engineering
Lokeshwar Singh DiltaRecruitment DriveCivil Engineering
Nishank SinghalIndustry InteractionCivil Engineering
Imran khanRecruitment drive & Industrial InteractionCivil Engineering
Deepak SainiRecruitment DriveChemical Engineering
Bhuvan BhaskarIndustrial InteractionChemical Engineering
Arisha SharmaTechnical InnovationChemical Engineering
Sanyam GuptaTechnical InnovationArchitecture
Anamitra SarkarIndustry InteractionM.TECH
Kanika SharmaIndustry InteractionMBA
Hemraj Bhai PatelIndustry InteractionMSc

Placement procedure at NIT Hamirpur is a 5 steps process, with the steps mentioned below:

     Step 1 -

     NIT Hamirpur invites the companies for placement drives.

     Step 2 -

       Companies share the Filled JNF Form.

     Step 3 -

     We share the database of students as per the eligibility criteria.

     Step 4 -

       Companies shortlist the students based on their requirements.

     Step 5 -

     Companies visit NIT Hamirpur for Recruitment drive which includes the following steps: (Introductory Presentation by Company Executives, On Line Exam or Paper-Pen test, Group Discussion and Final Interviews).

Session 2020-21

BranchEligible CandidatesPlaced% PlacementTotal Jobs Offered% Jobs offered to NITHMax CTC(in lakhs)
Computer Science & Engg.84 81 96.42857143 116 138.0952381 36 LPA
Computer Science & Engg. Dual Degree 55 53 96.36363636 74 134.5454545 23.05 LPA
Electronics & Comm. Engg. 82 62 75.6097561 72 87.80487805 12 LPA
Electronics & Comm. Engg. Dual Degree 34 21 61.76470588 29 85.29411765 23.05 LPA
Electrical Engg. 83 46 55.42168675 52 62.65060241 9.7 LPA
Mechanical Engg. 81 41 50.61728395 44 54.32098765 35 LPA
Civil Engg. 70 31 44.28571429 31 44.28571429 9.7 LPA
Chemical Engg. 54 23 42.59259259 25 46.2962963 6.80 LPA
M.Tech (All) 211 26 12.32 28 13.27 23.05 LPA

Session 2019-20

BranchEligible CandidatesPlaced% PlacementTotal Jobs Offered% Jobs offered to NITHMax CTC(in lakhs)
Computer Science & Engg.827996.34 %99120.73 %22.37
Computer Science & Engg. Dual Degree494591.83 %53108.16 %35
Electronics & Comm. Engg.735980.82 %73100.00 %16.5
Electronics & Comm. Engg. Dual Degree432762.79 %2967.44 %11.5
Electrical Engg.734561.64 %4967.12 %14.7
Mechanical Engg.834250.60 %4959.03 %35
Civil Engg.542240.74 %2240.74 %6.8
Chemical Engg.421433.33 %1638.09 %14.7
Architecture31412.90 %412.90 %6
M.Tech (All)1651710.30%2112.72%12

Session 2018-19

BranchEligible CandidatesPlaced% PlacementTotal Jobs Offered% Jobs offered to NITHMax CTC(in lakhs)
Electronics & Communication Engineering665380.30%6090.90%10.5
Computer Science & Engineering818098.76%106130.86%14.0
Computer Science & Engineering Dual Degree554581.81%5396.36%120.0
Electrical Engineering6565100.00%71109.23%7.95
Mechanical Engineering736288.93%7298.63%35.0
Civil Engineering614573.77%4980.32%7.50
Chemical Engineering422661.90%3173.80%8.91
M.Tech. (all)1513119.20%3316.12%8.00

Session 2017-18

BranchEligible CandidatesPlaced% PlacementTotal Jobs Offered% Jobs offered to NITHMax CTC(in lakhs)
Electronics & Communication Engineering746891.89%95128.37%8.67
Computer Science & Engineering766686.84%90118.42%62.50
Electrical Engineering705680.00%6998.57%8.67
Mechanical Engineering685377.94%5986.76%35.0
Civil Engineering603863.33%3965.00%6.00
Chemical Engineering442556.81%2863.63%7.95
M.Tech. (all)1552415.48%2516.12%16.25

Session 2016-17

BranchEligible CandidatesPlaced% PlacementTotal Jobs Offered% Jobs offered to NITHMax CTC(in lakhs)
Electronics & Communication Engineering656498.46%81124.61%14.0
Computer Science & Engineering737095.89%96131.50%27.0
Electrical Engineering705274.28%71101.42%9.88
Mechanical Engineering696492.75%99143.47%14.2
Civil Engineering433888.37%44102.32%6.00
Chemical Engineering511937.25%2141.17%7.95
M.Tech. (all)1891608.46%1708.99%7.00

Session 2015-16

BranchEligible CandidatesPlaced% PlacementTotal Jobs Offered% Jobs offered to NITHMax CTC(in lakhs)
Electronics & Communication Engineering757296.00%96128.00%12.00
Computer Science & Engineering787393.58%104133.33%16.85
Electrical Engineering836173.49%84101.20%9.88
Mechanical Engineering706085.71%78111.42%8.84
Civil Engineering623556.45%4267.74%6.00
M.Tech. (all)1915428.27%5629.31%6.00

Internship Procedure for Internal students

The summarized view of Internship Procedure for Internal students at NIT Hamirpur is mentioned below:

Step 1 -

Students are permitted to take up internships during the period from May 15 to July 15, NIT Hamirpur sends invitation to companies to offer internship training to our students along with student database.

Step 2 -

Companies shortlist the students based on their requirements and offer internship directly to students for the aimed period.

Step 3 -

Companies visit NIT Hamirpur for Training drive which include the following steps:
("Introductory presentation by company executives, Online exam OR Pen-Paper test and Final interviews").

Training and Placement opportunities at NIT Hamirpur

National Institute of Technology Hamirpur invites applications from the students studying in IITs/NITs/State Technical Universities/Other CFTIs, to do Summer Training/Internship in the different departments/centres of Institute. The preference should be given to the students from top 100 NIRF ranked Institutes/Universities in India. There are various projects under which the candidates can apply. The applicant must submit a brief proposal on the project area under which he/she intends to do internship/training at NIT Hamirpur (HP). For more details, please go through attached Guidelines. The candidate can fill the “ the internship request form” along with “Undertaking performa” and mail to Training & Placement Office NIT Hamirpur at

The candidates can also apply in the department/centre/project which is not mentioned in the list. If the facility/faculty will be available in the willing area (other than mentioned in the list of projects or department/centre), the candidate will be permitted to do Internship in that department/centre of NIT Hamirpur (HP).
For more details contact 01972-254591/254590 and

Step 1 -

Students from different institutions, aiming for internship programs at NIT Hamirpur, are advised to go through the internship guidelines before applying.

Step 2 -

Students must fill Undertaking performa duly forwarded by the Parent institution.

Step 3 -

The interested students after filling the internship request form, can apply through mail at or personally. After receiving application through mail, the Office of Training and Placement will give date to the candidate to visit NIT Hamirpur for completing the requisite formalities.

Step 4 -

The institute will release the final consent to the candidate after completing financial and documented formalities.

Register on National Career Service

National Career Service (NCS) portal is a new initiative by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. It is a common platform that brings together stakeholders like Job Seekers, Employers, Counselors, Local Service Providers and Trainers to facilitate in convergence of information and link job seekers with jobs. The NCS portal is free-to-use portal and has a hassle-free registration process for the students. As per the directions of competent authority, all the students passing out from NIT Hamirpur are recommended hereby to register on the portal via the following link so that they have a one-stop shop for career related services.

Latest Placement News

  • NIT Hamirpur invited applications for the internship program in the different Departments/Centers of the Institute.

  • The students studying at NIT Hamirpur and outside the Institute can be benefitted from this internship program offered by NIT Hamirpur.

  • The best internship project/report in each Department/Center will be awarded by the Institute.

Forms and Invitations

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  • Dr. Bharat Bhushan Sharma
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