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A good team violates the laws of mathematics. Here, the whole team is greater than sum of its parts and this signifies that team members are working in collaboration with each other.
Have you ever watched a professional football game? Not a kid game but say Argentina-Brazil match. They are intense, they are fast, they are brutal and they are unpredictable. The players don't have helmets to protect them.
Our management team consists of a highly motivated team of students working under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

At ISTE we believe in the principles of being a mentor rather than a teacher, growing antennae not horns, praise and criticism, reigning in the rage.................................................

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Other Activities

  • Introducing ISTE's own Technical Magazine!!!

    AGAMYA 2013 (Intro)

  • NIT's own Lan Radio

    Introduced by Teamiste this Nimbus'13

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    Felicitation Ceremony

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