Parasparam Bhaw yantu…

Team Literacy (PRAYAS) is heading towards its mission of providing maximum possible support to those who struggle even for the basic amenities of life. We aim to impart them the quality education and, hence enable them to stand firm in this competitive world.

Here in and around NITH there are many children who are in need of education, but can't get it because of lack of resources. They are those who can do much more in life but are restricted because there parents don't have money to support them. People around don't treat them properly because they are poor. But we, the team members of Literacy Mission, think about them in a diffrent way.

We think that :

Let Us Give Them What They Need,
And Make Them Achieve What They Can,
But Not Leave Them What They Are...

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Literacy Mission Expenditure for 2014-2015